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The Spirit is a family owned and operated whale watching business established in 1987. With over 22 years in the Hervey Bay whale watching industry we provide first class cruising and comfort and know what it takes to make your whale watch experience an awesome one.

In July 2008 we had the great pleasure of launching the New “Spirit of Hervey Bay” whale watching vessel. Our new boat is world class and was built right here in Hervey Bay by local boat builder Streamline Catamarans and was officially named by the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh.

The new Spirit of Hervey Bay is superb and purpose built for whale watching making it very comfortable and spacious.

A 24 metre ocean going catamaran the Spirit was built with supreme stability, comfort and safety in mind. Five levels of viewing decks offer you the freedom of walking around the Spirit and discovering the many vantage points to capture the whale’s antics. No crowding, so much room to move around and stretch those legs!

  • Level 1 – Underwater Viewing Windows
    These rooms place you below the waterline to see the whales in their underwater world through the windows
  • Level 2 – Bottom Level Galley
    Here you’ll find the souvenir and refreshment kiosk along with super comfy seating with loads of viewing area
  • Level 3 – Waterline Viewing Platform
    This platform can be lowered to the waterline for those extra close up encounters with the mighty humpback whale
  • Level 4 – Lounge area + amphitheatre seating
    After a hard days whale watching relax in our cozy lounge area, be careful you may just fall asleep. This deck also offers a 360 degree viewing area around the vessel. If you like the “wind in the hair” rush of fast cruising the amphitheatre seating up front is perfect for you.
  • Level 5 – Open air top deck
    10 metres above the water for 360 degree panoramic views of the spectacular bay, Fraser Island and the whales.

Underwater Viewing Rooms

A terrific feature of the Spirit is its Underwater Viewing Rooms. These extra large rooms are located in each hull of the boat which put you below the surface with the whales in their underwater world. Come and feel the exhilaration of eye-balling a humpback whale and getting closer than you ever thought possible to them. Their curious nature beckons them to swim alongside the vessels windows and have a peek inside. Are we watching them? Or are they watching us?

Waterline Viewing Platform

Another feature for close up encounters is our Waterline Viewing Platform. This platform can be lowered right to the waterline for your chance to come face to face with a friendly humpback whale, what a thrill to be only an arms length away from one of the largest creatures of the sea

The friendly crew aboard the Spirit offer a wealth of knowledge, not only about this region and waters but experts on whales. They will help make your whale watching cruise a fun experience you will never forget. They are all fully qualified with shipboard elements and first aid qualifications we ensure a safe and comfortable cruise suitable for all ages. Our crew are a very sociable, outgoing team who are passionate about the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park, where our whales play, and its environment.