Catherine Dowd Coleman

Posted on our Facebook page

Just want to say Thank you for a great trip…Our family of 2 adults n 5 children travelled from Townsville to Hervey Bay and went Whale watching with Spririt of Hervey Bay on 21st Sept…we planned this trip as a surprise for the kids and to see their faces in surprise was just wonderful…we saw so many whales. Thanks for a great trip and wonderful memories for the kids.

Jan Donohue

My daughter Emma and I went on an afternoon cruise on the 24th of Sept. It was the most magical thing, it’s something I have wanted to do for years. We finally decided to actually do it!!!!! We saw heaps of whales, mum and a new bub and one really cheeky bub who was approx 2-3weeks old showing off right at the side of the boat. I will be doing it again one day, thanks to Capt Jack Sparrowfart for a great day, he also stopped a couple of times on the way home to watch some unexpected show offs. Thanks again!!!!!

Trini Parker

Thank you all so much for a fantastic morning, even though it was a bit rough out there :) Absolutely Lovely Crew – Lots of whales 10/10 we loved it!!

Madds Golds

….went again last sunday – what a ride – better than any amusement park 😉

Jim Winstone


“….loved it, loved it”, loved it”! “Going back October 4th to do it all over, so more photos to come!”