Whale Watching and More on K'gari (Fraser) Island, QLD

Tuesday, 15 August 2023

K’gari Fraser Island is a World Heritage site located on Australia’s west coast. It is a stunning island teeming with marine life, beautiful rainforests and lakes that can be explored through K’gari Fraser Island boat tours. Customers of The Spirit of Hervey Bay can choose from a wide range of curated Fraser Island whale watching packages that include tours and activities that are unique to Fraser Island. Read on to find out why K’gari Fraser Island is the perfect backdrop for your whale watching trip. 

Lake McKenzie

K’gari Fraser Island boasts over 40 beautiful lakes, and Lake McKenzie is by far the most popular of all. Visit this beautiful location on your Fraser Island cruise and take a dip in some of the cleanest waters in the world, or relax on soft white sand that is so fine, it can be used to exfoliate skin. 

4WD Adventure 

K’gari Island is very much a remote destination which is still untouched by unnatural modern infrastructure. Much of the island is connected by unpaved tracks on which only 4wd vehicles are effective. The Spirit of Hervey Bay highly recommends a 4wd tour of the island that takes you down 75 Mile Beach with plenty of opportunity to criss-cross across rugged terrain while keeping an eye out for local wildlife. 

Eli Creek 

Take a leisurely break in or beside Eli Creek, which is a large body of crystal-clear water flanked by pandanus groves. Visitors can also enter the water and let the current carry them along a shallow watercourse while admiring the various species of plant life that grow in abundance.


K’gari Fraser Island is home to the purest breed of dingoes. They roam the coast freely during the day and can be heard howling from great distances during nighttime. The island also boasts several native animals such as wallabies, sugar gliders and wallabies. 

Pine Valley Rainforest 

For visitors who have a passion for plants, the island’s rainforests are truly a sight to behold. Take a bushwalk tour to find out more about the ancient hardwood trees, giant ferns and the endless varieties of flora. 

Fraser Island Whale Watching Packages and Tours in QLD 

Are you ready to experience the untouched west coast in a truly unique way? Contact The Spirit of Hervey Bay to find out how you and your family can experience K’gari Fraser Island through bush walks, swimming, 4wd adventures and more.