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Half Day Whale Watching Cruise + a Full Day exploring beautiful K'Gari (Fraser Island)

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Exciting K'Gari (Fraser Island) 4WD Adventure Day Tours

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Best in Hervey Bay

Set Sail on Our Unforgettable Hervey Bay Whale Watching Tours

Cruise the sheltered waters of Platypus Bay whilst taking in breathtaking sights as we travel along the beautiful white sandy banks of Fraser Island’s beaches to the whales’ playground. Feel the excitement and anticipation as we get closer to the sanctuary, scanning the horizon for our first splash or blow from a mighty humpback. Loud tail and pec slaps, spectacular breaches, curious spy hops and close encounters are just some of the antics these majestic animals display to keep you captivated. Come aboard and join our friendly crew on a magical day surrounded by nature.

Great Value Packages and Deals Available This Whale Watching Season

Whether you are passionate about whale watching or just want to experience something new on your holiday, we offer a variety of affordable deals and packages that will suit your taste and budget.


  • 6 levels of uncrowded viewing decks
  • Underwater Viewing Rooms (yes you are below the waterline)
  • Waterline Viewing Platform (maybe touch a whale)
  • Hydrophone to listen to the whales singing
  • Biggest boat with superior stability and comfort
  • FREE WiFi
  • FREE tourist accommodation transfers or parking

Our whale watching packages gives you the opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime without spending a fortune. After all, there is nothing quite like getting up close and personal with some of the largest yet most graceful creatures in the world.

Whale watch like never before with one of our amazing packages

For detailed information and prices view our Tours and Cruises and see what makes Hervey Bay so special Secure your spot today, by heading directly to our online booking system to make a reservation; if you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 1800 642 544. Otherwise, contact us online and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

If you haven't done it... THEN YOU MUST!!! The best experience ever!!! Kids were amazed also!! Great staff, great food, great service
An absolute 10/10!!!

Ashleigh, Glenwood Qld