Please flip through these questions and answers, but it you don't find the answer you need, please either phone our office on 1800 642 544, or send us an email.

What should I wear on the boat?

To ensure your comfort and safety we recommend flat shoes, and something warm to throw on in case it gets cool.  You may also consider something to throw on in case of a rain shower….we have seen that sometimes a whale that is close by can do a tail or pectoral slap and can actually splash our passengers but that’s the kind of shower that is fun! Also if you wear a hat be prepared that you may have to hold on to it if you sit outside as we cruise outre

​Where can I stay?

Accommodation Links - Emeraldene Eco Lodge, Ramada Hervey Bay, Mantra, Oceans Resort & Spa

What do I need to bring on the boat?

Camera, video, camera, sunscreen, polaroid sunglasses, hat, jacket, flat shoes and money for drinks and souvenirs.

Is the ocean water rough?

We do not cruise in to the open ocean areas. The whales congregate in Hervey Bay which has much calmer water as it is given wind  protection by Fraser Island. The Spirit Of Hervey Bay is a 24 metre long catamaran and was built with supreme stability, comfort and safety in mind

Is it better to go on a morning cruise or an afternoon cruise?

There is no difference between the morning or afternoon cruises. There is no rhyme or reason to the whales antics and activity at any particular time, they basically do what they want when they want.

I would choose your cruise depending on your family situation. Do you like to sleep in? Are the kids up early and ready to get going in the morning? Would you prefer to return to the harbour with the sunset and a cold drink in hand?

How big is the boat?

The Spirit of Hervey Bay is 24 metres long and 10 metres wide. The Spirit features viewing decks spread over 5 levels with loads of room for all to move around to take that perfect  In addition there are two underwater viewing areas, walk down a few steps and in each hull of the boat spy on the whales in their underwater playground, it will take your breath away. Our waterline platform, which we lower to the waters edge, gets you closer to the whales for that “personal touch”

Can I smoke on board?

No, you are not permitted to smoke whilst on board the Spirit of Hervey Bay.

Can I purchase drinks or alcohol on board?

Yes, the Spirit Of Hervey Bay is fully licensed providing a range of beer, wine and mixers for sale.

Can I bring food on board?

Yes you can however we do serve refreshments for both morning and afternoon tea, and we also have a licensed kiosk where you can purchase light snacks and nibbles.

Can I bring my pram on board?

Yes you can. When you make the booking please let us know so that we can ensure our crew is ready to help you with your boarding.

Are there toilets on board?

Yes, we have 4 full size toilets aboard the Spirit

Are there any life jackets on board?

Yes, we certainly do have life jackets.  There are both adult and child life jackets.

Why do whales sing?

There is a traditional explanation which attributes whales singing to male whales as a way to seduce female whales while looking to reproduce. The sound they produce is melodic and is known as a whale song.

Why do whales communicate with each other?

It is believed that whales use sound for echo location, a sonar-like capability that allow whales to locate dangers and other animals.

How long do whales live?

Some whales have a lifespan similar to humans as they reach up to 85 years old.

How big are humpback whales?

size-humpbackwhale Humpback whales are the 5th largest of the great whales, growing up to 15 metres. The largest whale is the blue whale.  They can grow up to 25 metres (80 feet) long. The image on the right shows the comparison of a humpback whale to a bus!

Why do whales migrate?

During the warm season, whales migrate to cold waters where food is abundant.  When the weather becomes coler, the food starts to become scarce so whales migrate to warmer water for mating and breeding.  Hervey Bay in Queensland is the perfect location for what is known as the southern whales as they rest their young and prepare for the journey back to the Atlantic.

How do whales reproduce?

Like most mammals, whale calves are nourished in the womb of the mothers through an umbillical cord and they grow inside their mother until they are aready to perform some basic actions such as swimming, so that will help them survive outside their mothers.

What do Whales Eat?

Humpback whales have a diet of krill, (shrimp-like crustaceans up to 5cm long), plankton and small fish. Humpbacks sieve food from huge volumes of water using baleen which is specialised fringed, mouth plates.