Explore the Marine Life of K'gari (Fraser) Island, QLD

Tuesday, 01 August 2023

While it is true that whale-sightings are the highlight of the Hervey Bay experience, there’s no doubt that the region has a lot of other fascinating marine life for visitors to explore. For over 30 years, the team at The Spirit of Hervey Bay has explored the waters of Fraser Island to gain a deep understanding of the complex eco-system that makes this area special. In this blog, we write about the staggering breadth of marine life thriving just below the water’s surface. Contact us today for customised Hervey Bay whale watching deals.

Marine Life in K’Gari Fraser Island 

Various Species of Fish 

Fishing is a popular activity in the region because of the staggering variety of fish in the waters of Fraser Island. From Mackerel to Snapper, Tuna to Brim, types of Whiting and Flathead, the sheer number of species of fish that inhabit the ocean water is breathtaking. 


The variety of Hervey Bay whale watching and Fraser Island tour options available is a testament to how iconic whale sightings have become in this area. Be sure to choose a tour company like The Spirit of Hervey Bay that features a high-performance boat with one-of-a-kind underwater viewing deck for the ultimate experience. 


Humpback Whales are not the only large marine animals that populate the waters of the area. The Great Sandy Strait is home to numerous species of dolphin that call the area home throughout the year. 


Dugongs are large marine mammals that live in the shallow waters of the Bay. They are gentle, placid creatures that feed on seagrass and live for up to 65 years. The Bay is also home to the Grey Nurse Shark, also known as the Sand Tiger Shark. It is a species of shark that favours temperate coastal waters. 

K’gari Fraser Island and Hervey Bay Whale Watching Tours

As Australia’s largest whale sighting location, Hervey Bay is a protected site where significant efforts are made to study and protect the ecosystem to which the Humpback Whales belong. A Hervey Bay whale watching and Fraser Island tour of marine life is the best way to gain an appreciation for the complex natural ecosystem that comes together to provide a home for hundreds of fascinating species of marine life. Contact The Spirit of Hervey Bay for attractive, all-inclusive Hervey Bay whale watching deals.